BTS military service. Exemption Possibilities?

Korean government just announced BTS to be nominated for the Order of Cultural Merit. It is one of South Korea’s orders of merit. After the news announced, many fans(A.R.M.Y.) expect BTS military service will be exempted.

The last year 2017, BTS made history as the first K-Pop band to top the Billboard charts. Also recently they announced their first-ever headlining stadium concert to take place at Citi Field in New York on October 6. With this big success, it will not be surprising they will receive it.

Their age is reaching to the time for the military service which means we have only 2 years to see them.

Now A.R.M.Y and also fans are wondering if there is a possibility BTS can get the exception for the military service when they receive it.

I searched for it and the answer is



Article 11 Clause 3, in Chapter 2 of the CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA, it says

The order of any merits shall be valid only for those who receive them, and no privileges shall be accorded thereto.

BTS is not just a boy band. They are like a messenger to introduce Korea to the whole world. Besides that when any athletes earn a gold medal, they get the exemption for military service.Then Why not for BTS! (BTS military service) What do you think? 

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